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If God is Truth

What is important in our lives? "If God is Truth" explains why if you must thoroughly understand one idea, God as truth is that idea. Everything in the human experience starts with the kind of truth we accepted inside of our minds as valid. All that we have built and created, relationships that we establish, our culture, successes and failures, etc. are a product of our minds and the result of the truth we fed our minds with. The truth in your mind even determines who you are. So choosing the most valuable truth for your mind is critical. And if the Creator God is truth, that is the one truth you do not want to reject or ignore. Although there are consequences for adopting the wrong truth, many people do not even understand what truth is or how God can be the truth. But understanding God as truth is essential for understanding why he does all that he does and knowing God includes understanding his truth and his mind. The purpose of "If God is Truth" is to help its readers to discover the importance of God as the ultimate source of truth for man and how to relate to him (Book reveals why Jesus is that truth! more..)

The intention of "If God is Truth" is to renovate your mind using reason and more accurate information. Here is why: the Information Age is the direct result of a change in mentality that started in Europe in the 17th Century with the Enlightenment or Age of Reason. Objective reasoning and separating accurate knowledge, fact and truth from superstitions, assumptions, and myths were emphasized during the Enlightenment. A change in mentality and a break with the past allowed for the scientific revolution, the Information Age and the modern world. A renovated mind can also help you to break with your existing beliefs and better understand the creator and his truth, just like reason and objectivity allowed us to understand the workings behind God's creation.

The mentality that has produced an age of knowledge by using reason, questioning beliefs and traditional thought, and obtaining knowledge through the scientific method have been systematically applied to religion and God by "If God is Truth". Just like a radical change of mind brought the modern world with all the prosperity and benefits we now enjoy (unparalleled in history), a mind renovated by validated information and more accurate truth will help you to become a more accomplished, smarter individual and to get closer to the real God. 

Only in the last 100 years valid knowledge really started to increase dramatically in the culture of the world. But in the "Information Age" or an age of knowledge, religion has not kept pace with the rest of our advances in knowledge, and it is still living in an age of faith, beliefs, and superstitions, reflecting ancient mentalities and attitudes. Most people believe in a god(s), but who really knows God?

What determines who is your god? Your geographic location and/or parents' religion are the main determinants of who your god will be (So having the right religion becomes a matter of being lucky enough to be born in the correct area of the world). And a sacred book describes this god and the doctrines and teachings related to each religion. Most religions assume in faith that God's truth is revealed to them through sacred texts, like the Koran, the Book of Mormon, the Bible, etc. However, faith alone cannot confirm the accuracy of any of these sources of information, so the possibility of errors and deceit is very high. As a matter of fact, the existence of so many different, contrasting religious doctrines worldwide really prove a lack of accurate knowledge about God. In reality, most of our religious beliefs simply are self deception, myths and lies, which we often accepted as children. But why in the Information Age would you believe in a god, when you can now know the real God? While believing has just produced an assortment of religions among mankind, really knowing God will create just one religion, the true religion.

In the case of Christianity, Jesus said, "I am the truth!" But how many Christians do not know what truth is? Not even teachers and leaders of the Christian Church seem to really understand this concept either, and my own experience has been that most of them never associate truth with Jesus. But Christianity more than any other religion needs to understand what is truth, because apart from Jesus, no other religious figure has ever claimed to be the truth. And Jesus as truth does not just mean religious truth, but universal truths that reach every area of the human experience. If God is truth, faith alone is not enough. Organized religion and the institutional church have proved to be unable to help us to get closer to the real God and his truths. They certainly do not have the answers.

Some who realized that there is something wrong with faith and religion:

  1. Pastors who quit the institutional church (Between 1400 to 3000 pastors a month either resign or are fired in the USA alone).
  2. Priests who quit the Catholic priesthood (One out of every three priests eventually resigns and gets married).
  3. Those who have been hurt by the Church or have been burned by organized religion.
  4. Those who still go to church, but do not feel God's presence in the service; can't find God in church.
  5. Those who are left spiritually unfulfilled and empty by Sunday services.
  6. Those who see how people warm the pews week after week with little actual life transformation.
  7. Those who do not care about God anymore, blaming him for the defects of religion.
  8. Atheists, who then have a good reason for criticizing the believers.
  9. Those who have totally rejected organized religion and the institutional church.

Because of dissatisfaction with organized religion, church attendance has decreased significantly in the USA, Canada and Europe. First, organized Christianity lost its cultural influence and relevance, then it lost the quality of many individual members, and now it is losing its numbers. Some of those who reject organized religion, but still believe in God, feel like nobody else shares their view. But they are not alone. There are over 100 million people in the USA alone who are devoted to God, but do not attend church services anymore. Institutional Christianity is the norm. But, why do we even need Institutional Christianity and pastors or priests? We do not! What we really need is to remember how the apostles of Jesus did church and follow that pattern.

An alternative to faith and organized religion:

It could be said that the Information Age is the age of truth, so we do not depend on faith and organized religion or the institutional church anymore. It is clear that there is a problem with the way we have traditionally approached the topics of God and truth. But today, we can find the truth by breaking with the past and applying an objective, rational, knowledge based, faithless approach to any subject, including religion and God. "If God is Truth" challenges the way the religions have traditionally looked at God and truth. This book shows you what the religions should be teaching, if only they knew what to teach. We finally can, and should, replace our beliefs in God for an authentic knowledge of him. "If God is Truth" also presents universal truths that are immanent in the world that surround us and influence the quality of our everyday lives. Moreover, accurate information about God and a better understanding of the concept of truth will help you to achieve a successful personal relationship with him; one that is based on truth. If you want to renovate your mind and get more accurate perspectives of God and the world around you order this book now and read it!

What you will get from "If God is Truth":

  • A look into the Creator God not distorted by religion.
  • Learn what religions should know about God, but do not.
  • Discover a perspective of Jesus that has been lost in time.
  • Learn how the mind of God is reflected in his creation.
  • Learn the relationship between God, truth, and your mind.
  • Get a clear perspective of God as Truth.
  • Discover why truth is important in your life.
  • Most importantly, understand how to acquire an intimate relationship with God; one that is based on truth, not in beliefs.